California Angels outfielder Reggie Jackson

Dustin is currently working on a Reggie Jackson/California Angels custom figure. Check back soon to see his progress and the finished product!

About Dustin

Dustin Davis of Dusty's Custom Figures has been creating custom McFarlane figures since 2008. With a background that also includes work in graphic arts, Dustin decided to try his hand at making a custom figure after seeing an example online of someone elses work. His first few attempts at making custom figures weren't very successful, but he has since learned and honed his skills into making some of the most detailed and exquisite custom figures you will ever find. Now, over 300 figures later, he has perfected his techniques and talents, but he always looks for ways of learning and improving so he can try to make his next figure that little bit better than the last.


Dustin was born on January 15, 1986 in Murphy, North Carolina. He attended Murphy High School and graduated in 2004. He later attended nearby Tri-County Community College, where he earned his associates degree in Computer Information Technology. He currently works full time as an electrician. He lives in Murphy with his wife, Brittany, a son, Austin, and their miniature schnauzer, Ellie.

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